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Sharp Thinking Marketing Partners with the TN Card to Support Local

The TN Card

I’m thrilled to announce our partnership with the TN Card, designed to support to the vibrant array of small independent businesses across Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, and the surrounding villages.

The TN Card has made remarkable strides since its inception in 2020, transforming into a pivotal social enterprise with a mission to bolster the local economy. With over 1,000 businesses already benefiting from its programme, the TN Card is a beacon for community solidarity and entrepreneurial spirit and one I greatly admire.

Membership, available for just £24.99 per year, opens the door to an extensive range of rewards, including exclusive deals at local shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, and numerous other day-out venues. In a commendable commitment to the community's welfare, the TN Card generously donates 10% of all membership proceeds to West Kent Mind each month, supporting mental health initiatives within the area.

Small Business Talks revealed

Last month's Small Business Talks event, hosted by the TN Card, was a shining example of the initiative's role in community engagement. Sharp Thinking was honoured to participate, offering insights into common marketing pitfalls through a talk titled '10 common mistakes made in marketing'. The interaction with TN Card members was nothing short of inspiring, filled with eager questions and a desire to learn—from budgeting queries to advanced marketing strategies.

The event was a melting pot of ideas, with speakers from varied backgrounds sharing their success stories and challenges. Among them was a fascinating discourse on leveraging Google Business Profile effectively from Rank Fresh —a reminder that even in the digital age, continuous learning and adaptation are key to staying ahead.

Learning about successful marketing endeavours, such as Stampede's unique approach to branding and loyalty rewards, was incredibly insightful. Jenny Kitchen's interview on Amplify shed light on the importance of environmentally-conscious business practices and the need for clarity and support in this arena.

Looking ahead with excitement

I’m excited to bring our expertise into this community-centric initiative. Partnering with the TN Card aligns perfectly with our values, allowing us to contribute meaningfully to the local business ecosystem and offer exclusive for TN Card members and make sales and marketing planning more accessible to the small business community.

For small business owners who wish to leverage this opportunity, now is the perfect time to explore how the TN Card can generate new possibilities for your business whilst becoming part of a collective effort to invigorate the local economy.

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