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A new marketing strategy for a training provider to generate leads

Updated: May 10, 2023

Expert and immediate practical help from a marketing consultant

The challenge

Elevatium Training were looking for an experienced but practical marketing consultant to provide focus and guidance on how to take the business forward quickly. The company are a soft skills training provider that offer high-quality training for executive assistants.

Established in 2021, they approached Sharp Thinking Marketing as they felt lost and needed guidance to generate leads, be more profitable and scale the business. The company had no clear marketing plan or strategy, leading to a lack of focus and direction. They wanted someone impartial and independent to make a quick assessment of the business.

Sharp Thinking quickly realised the brand positioning for the business had become diluted and generic, making the company seem indistinctive in the market despite the brand identity being vibrant – there was a clear disconnect with the brand identity, messaging, and product, something we often see with small businesses that don't have a formal strategy or plan.

Furthermore, Elevatium Training were struggling with credibility as there was no social proof on their website despite receiving positive verbal customer feedback.


Due to budget and time constraints, Sharp Thinking Marketing suggested a half-day workshop which could take place within a few weeks, beginning with a diagnostic questionnaire to gather essential information. The company owner was then provided with business planning templates and coached to complete these in advance of the workshop, enabling a focused and fast-paced session. The workshop forced the business owner to do a lot of essential business planning but in a simple format, and answer key but difficult questions.

An action plan was then created with clear timings, priorities, and the necessary tasks for the company to approach. Sharp Thinking Marketing also devised a process for obtaining case studies and customer reviews, reassuring customers of confidentiality.


With guidance from an experienced and impartial marketing consultant, Elevatium Training were able to get the business on track and make significant progress towards achieving its vision. The following outputs and results were generated:

New brand positioning

By working with Sharp Thinking Marketing, Elevatium Training was able to create a new brand positioning in the market that leveraged its values and beliefs while complementing its strengths allowing them to attract the right type of clients.

New products

A new stronger product range was created within a month of attending the workshop, focusing on ideas that were born out of the initial session and ensuring the price points were attractive to the market, whilst profitable to the business.

More focused optimised website

Through Sharp Thinking Marketing's critique and website checklist, we coached the business owner on how to optimise the website to increase enquiries and improve search rankings.

A bank of case studies and customer reviews

Using the new process and checklist, a bank of new case studies have been created as well as customer reviews providing social proof for the business to help convert more enquiries.

Increased confidence and feeling empowered

There was no question the business owner had a new sense of motivation, energy, and optimism. We were amazed at the pace in which she implemented the tasks and changes.

“Working with Nat has been transformational for my small business. Before working with her, I had no real idea of what I was doing and no strategy at all. She has helped me create a clever, comprehensive and solid marketing plan that I feel really confident about. As a result I have a clear strategy and direction for the future. And she continues to stay in touch and keeps me in mind for opportunities that can help my business. She's honest, approachable, fun and so incredibly knowledgeable! I honestly can't recommend working with her highly enough. Thank you so much Nat!”

Do you need help with your brand positioning or marketing strategy? Then don't hesitate to get in touch.

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