"Clients value my honest opinion 
  and know I’ll always put their
  goals and interests first –
  not mine or anyone else's."

Choose the right service to make your marketing sharper

​Marketing is a strategic management function and is as much about business planning
as it is about marketing campaigns and collateral. As an experienced marketing consultant, I provide three main services for
small and medium-sized businesses.

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A step by step, tried and tested marketing process diagnosing your business, devising a strategy and formulating a plan for you to execute. By following these principles you’ll set up your business to succeed.


Step 1 – Diagnosing where your business is at

I take time to understand your business. By delving into your business, we can gather useful insights to help take us to the next stage. Without this, we’ll be working blind and making assumptions. The more data and insights, the most robust your strategy and plan will be. From analysing multiple data sources and conducting vital research we can gauge where you need to focus and how to win more business. This may involve looking at your sales performance, your prospect database, Google Analytics, compiling a competitor audit, interviewing staff, looking at customer reviews and social media insights to name a few.


Step 2 – Defining the right marketing strategy for your business

Using insights gleaned from the diagnosis, I’ll devise a marketing strategy.  This will provide clear guidance on messaging and positioning, which channels to communicate in, and where to invest your marketing budget to give you the best return. I'll advise where the focus should be for your marketing taking into account resources and budget to achieve your business goals.


Step 3 - Writing an execution plan to support the strategy

This final stage details what marketing communication you’ll need to implement and what the essential content areas are. It will highlight what changes you need to make in your main marketing channels and website, as well as new communication required. A calendar will also be provided detailing the proposed order of all marketing activity.


Before you commit to any investment, we'll have an initial 30-minute consultation at no cost to you. This time will be spent discussing your business challenges and what you hope to achieve in order for me to recommend a relevant scope of work and proposal. If you want to go ahead a thorough business questionnaire will be sent to collate as much information as possible and I'll need full access to a range of data and management information before progressing.


Choose me to oversee and implement your marketing, retained on a monthly or quarterly basis as an outsourced cost rather than headcount in your business.


This service is only available to businesses that procure a strategy from Sharp Thinking. This service allows you to have the benefit of a marketing director for your business, whilst not having to employ one. This can be used to implement, coordinate and evaluate activity on a monthly basis to free you up to run your business, but having the peace of mind that all your marketing is being directed, managed and challenged.  As a senior and experienced marketer, I will continually direct, review and refine the strategy taking a birdseye view of your business.


Time, advice and guidance to help you navigate through marketing challenges and how I can support you become a better marketer for your business.


Some businesses like the idea of having a mentor to check in with them on a monthly basis, hold them accountable and see the progress that is being made whilst they do all the day-to-day implementation.


The mentoring service could be used for monthly progress meetings or monthly marketing evaluation meetings. There is a huge benefit in taking time out and conducting regular evaluations on your marketing activity to measure success. Sharp Thinking can measure your activity and run these meetings showing the monthly impact of all marketing activity linking your sales and marketing.

Want to know more?  Read my frequently asked questions.
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