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"Natalie has brought a lot of drive, strategy and clarity to our marketing. She has a good balance of being thorough enough to get the results required and the focus on what really matters. Having working with Natalie on three of our businesses, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her."
Luke Pollard, Owner of Fendwrap and Actionpoint Group.

A business partner trusted by many


Many small to medium-sized businesses have entrusted Sharp Thinking to be their business and marketing partner, a large number of which are local family firms in the South East. They reside across Kent, London, Sussex, and Surrey. Some operate in the business-to-business sector – offering services like digital printing and corporate gifting – whilst others provide a service to local people, such as a family-run care home or school uniform provider.


The one thing that unites all of my clients is their drive and passion for their business and the people they employ. They rarely stand still, looking to constantly evolve and move with the times.

With the dual pressures brought on recently by Brexit and the Covid pandemic, the last two years have provided the ultimate test for both me and my clients. Along with every organisation, they’ve had to rethink their business models, move at pace to adapt and take risks to survive. It's meant the support I offer has influenced client business strategy, not just in a marketing capacity. This has been the most rewarding experience, and I feel I’ve experienced the highs and lows alongside them, celebrating turnover increases and supporting them through downturns.


The pandemic has pushed me to deliver the most effective work of my career, and deliver highly rewarding and life-changing projects for my clients.


Client testimonials and case studies

Listen to what my clients have to say

Simon Smith,


"This is a really exciting set of projects you are guiding us through. When we asked for your help last November I don’t think either of us realised just how wide ranging, detailed and professional your work would be. Whatever the financial results your input will have on the firm in the short term you have opened our eyes as to how we should approach business - and the financial benefits of that will go on for years.


I’d also like to say that not only are you giving us a master class in Marketing but you even help us complete our homework when we get under pressure from other tasks! Thank you."

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Andrew Balcombe, Founder WowBooks

"I want to thank you for all your hard work, passion, drive and energy to get us to this point, it is hugely appreciated.  Hopefully it's the start of a successful journey, but I know at the very least, the efforts of you and the talented people you've also involved, have given us the best chance of success. I think the DM pack looks fantastic.  Thanks once again."


Iaysha Salih,

Iaysha Contemporary Art


"I loved working with Nat. She was very positive and supportive and was always there to answer questions while attaining the information needed. I was over the moon to receive the final strategy. It was extensive, and I could see she had given more than she initially quoted. But Nat is a perfectionist and will not deliver to you anything substandard. I was amazed at her knowledge of the art world from a marketing perspective. She was thorough in her research.
The outcome has led to me feeling fully grounded and focused with a legitimate business plan which is so helpful for me and the business."

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Niral Patel,

Birchwood House

and Birchwood Care Services

"Sharp Thinking have helped take my business forward bringing focus and clarity and lots of practical recommendations including internal processes for us to implement.  The marketing review proved invaluable and has enabled us to streamline both businesses and join up all our marketing.  And we hope cost efficiencies will be achieved in the future as a result." 


Rachel Burns,

Rooomy Magazine


"Working with Natalie has been fantastic. Running a small business is so hard and knowing where best to spend my time and money is a tricky decision. Natalie has taught me so much. She’s incredibly easy to talk to and listen to. Her feedback is wonderful, she guides me in the right direction often going above and beyond and her flexibility during lockdown was very professional and appreciated. If you are unsure about investing in your marketing please take it from me, Natalie is 100% worth investing in, you will not regret it I promise."


And here are more clients that have entrusted Sharp Thinking

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