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West Kent Expo Promotion

Revitalise your marketing with our exclusive spring offer

Ignite growth and thrive with Sharp Thinking Marketing’s mini audit - unveiled at the West Kent Expo.

What’s the Buzz About?

We’re thrilled to present a mini evaluation of your marketing efforts conducted by marketing maestro, Nat Sharp exclusive to West Kent Expo attendees.  All for just £250 ex VAT.

Craving to extract every opportunity from your marketing efforts? Our tailored audit is engineered to illuminate crucial insights and address pivotal questions, such as:

  • Is your marketing content performing?

  • Which channels performing well?

  • Identify underperforming channels and reasons why

  • Gain strategies to amplify and repurpose successful content

  • Uncover quick fixes to boost performance

  • Pinpoint critical areas of focus and those to dial-down

  • Receive budgeting advice

Don’t miss this ripe chance to invigorate your marketing with wisdom that will distinguish your business this season.

Why use Sharp Thinking Marketing?

  • Two Decades of Insight: Harness twenty years of marketing intelligence and acumen.

  • Unbiased Viewpoints: Avail a new, neutral lens through which to view your marketing endeavours.

  • Actionable Advice: Secure straightforward strategies that translate to authentic results.

  • Tailored Analysis: Relish an assessment custom-crafted for your business’s unique blueprint.

How can you engage?

It's simple - drop an email to Nat at Act now, and spring into a season of renewal and powerful marketing with Sharp Thinking Marketing.

While you savour your satsuma, prepare to energize your enterprise with us.

The Fine Print

  1. Exclusive to attendees of the West Kent Business Expo on 14/03/24.

  2. Available to UK-registered businesses only.

  3. Admission for those who joined us at the West Kent Expo or the 'Metrics for Growth' workshop.

  4. Catered to small businesses, including sole traders and SMEs with up to 250 employees or an annual turnover beneath £10 million.

  5. Offer valid until 01/05/24 – don't wait too long!

  6. Confirm your interest by emailing us by 26/04/24.

  7. Subject to availability – get in quick!

  8. Consultations conducted via Zoom for your convenience.

  9. The audit will necessitate access to CRM systems and/or Google Analytics, Newsletter platforms, social media insights, and completing a business questionnaire.

  10. Payment to be settled prior to commencement of services.


Jumpstart your marketing with precision and passion - Sharp Thinking Marketing awaits your call!

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