Are you looking for an experienced marketing consultant to advise how to grow your business?

Based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Sharp Thinking offer affordable and flexible outsourced strategic marketing planning to small businesses.

Bringing focus, business alignment and peace of mind

Sometimes it is hard to get your business vision down on paper.  And it can be tricky finding the time to translate this into a business plan or marketing strategy. As experienced marketing consultants, we can review your marketing, create a plan and even help set up your own marketing department. This frees you up to run your business and will give you peace of mind knowing a plan is in place. Our job is to ensure that every penny of your marketing budget is invested in the best possible way and everything works together so you reach your business goals.

Making the intangible more tangible

Marketing can be intangible. Sometimes it isn't clear if your efforts are paying off if your marketing isn't set up or measured in the right way. A marketing consultant will be able to analyse all your vital data, set metrics and benchmark your business, so you can see clearly whether it is working.

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"When we asked for your help last November I don’t think either of us realised just how wide ranging, detailed and professional your work would be. Whatever the financial results your input will have on the firm in the short term you have opened our eyes as to how we should approach business - and the financial benefits of that will go on for years. 


I’d also like to say that not only are you giving us a master class in Marketing but you even help us complete our homework when we get under pressure from other tasks! Thank you."

— Simon Smith, Simmonds & Sons Ltd

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