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Unleashing the power of strategic marketing


Empowering growth: The transformational journey of Body Mentors with Sharp Thinking Marketing

The challenge

Body Mentors, an innovative startup fitness company, are masters of a unique barbell-based training technique. Founded by two ambitious local entrepreneurs in rural Kent, they've tapped into the potential of the fitness industry niche with remarkable expertise and a bespoke approach. Stationed at a leisure club where personal training exclusivity amplifies their allure, Body Mentors also offer superior sports therapy services.

Lacking strategic marketing knowledge, Body Mentors struggled to build meaningful brand visibility. Their presence was confined to intermittent Instagram posts, which offered limited exposure and no clear path to achieving ambitious scaling goals. They needed a detailed marketing road map aligned with their service offerings and growth targets.

The partners had set their sights on doubling their personal training clientele and sought sustainable year-on-year growth. Their initial marketing approach needed refinement, direction, and clarity to formulate a plan that would take their business to the desired heights.

The approach

Sharp Thinking's Marketing Boot Camp was the catalyst Body Mentors required. Over three months, the entrepreneurs embarked on a rigorous programme that uncovered the depths of their business through:

Through weekly live Zoom sessions and homework which was set each week , Sharp Thinking armed Body Mentors with:

  • A 5-year sales forecast, product mix insights, and SEO prowess

  • A resilient marketing funnel tuned to the customer's lifecycle

  • An impactful brand story resonating with their particular ethos

  • Training in defining budgets and measuring marketing results

  • A practical easy to implement plan


Body Mentors not just met, but surpassed their initial marketing expectations, achieving numerous milestones:

  • Boosted brand exposure leading to an elevated regional prominence

  • Insightful sales forecasting facilitating informed and attainable goals

  • Enhanced customer longevity through refined engagement practices

  • Secured PR using the tools and templates provided

  • Their SEO implementation catapulted their online rankings onto the first page for all their key words and phrases

  • Recruited two staff members in alignment with their accelerated growth objectives

In the wake of targeted strategies, Body Mentors revelled in the increased business momentum, streaming towards their ambitious targets with invigorated focus and structured marketing tactics.

Here's what Jon & Will of Body Mentors had to say:

“As a small business, we approached Natalie so we could learn how to spend efficiently on marketing and get the most bang for our buck! Working with her has been the best investment we've ever made. We enrolled onto the marketing bootcamp and its been such an enlightening experience. We've learnt so much more about our business and have ended up with a concise and intelligent strategy that works with our budget. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any business looking to improve their marketing.”

Body Mentors' journey with Sharp Thinking reveals an essential truth: precise, knowledgeable marketing can be the cornerstone of business transformation. With a spotlight now shining on their expertise and offerings, Body Mentors stand as a testament to the power of strategic investment in marketing acumen.


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