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Improve your marketing campaigns with strategic training and expert support

Case study – marketing operations review and team training with FT Live

The background

FT Live is the event arm of the Financial Times. The partner events team at FT Live had experienced rapid growth during the pandemic but struggled to achieve some of the desired results consistently with their event marketing plans. To overcome this challenge, the Head of Marketing sought the expertise of an experienced and impartial partner in corporate marketing. Impressed by Sharp Thinking's social media presence and informative blogs, the FT reached out for external support.

The challenge

The passionate FT Live marketing team needed to approach their events with greater strategic thinking. They had to move beyond the tactical aspects and focus more in-depth on understanding client objectives to create tailored marketing plans. With time constraints and numerous stakeholders, they needed a practical approach that would yield quick results.


Sharp Thinking worked closely with the FT Live events team to provide the training and support they needed to elevate their marketing strategies. Our activities included:

  • Strategic marketing training for the team

  • Development of new briefing templates

  • Follow-up training on the briefing process

To kickstart the process, we conducted an interactive workshop that empowered the team to create effective marketing plans and develop a solid marketing strategy. We emphasized the importance of personas in the briefing process, teaching this dynamic team how to create them to better understand their target audience and their motivations for attending their events.

We didn't stop there. We examined internal processes and developed new briefing templates that encouraged a more strategic approach to projects. This improved client service and fostered collaboration within the team.

Next, we facilitated a follow up workshop focused on goal setting and effective communication. We equipped the team with the skills to analyse client briefs, ask the right questions, and evaluate campaigns. Our tools helped them develop evaluation snapshots that clearly demonstrate the business impact of events.


Working closely with the FT Live events team, we achieved a significant shift in their marketing approach. By understanding their audience and aligning their strategies with client objectives, they’re now able to deliver faster and more impactful campaigns.

Our comprehensive training empowered the team, boosting their confidence in engaging with stakeholders and clients. By improving their briefs, over time they’ll reduce project timelines and increase customer satisfaction. The team will be able to consistently deliver briefs that align with objectives, resulting in better outcomes internally and externally.

Furthermore, the team gained valuable insight into adapting evaluations to suit different audiences. By focusing on business impact rather than marketing jargon, they provide clear context and benchmarks to stakeholders.

Client feedback

"I wanted my team to think creatively and strategically. Sharp Thinking delivered an exceptional morning session that covered everything from objectives and segmentation to budgets and social media. The team gained a new sense of purpose and started using the tools provided to plan events effectively. I highly recommend Sharp Thinking for improving marketing skills and processes." Che Wheatley, Head of Marketing, FT Live Partner Events

“Thank you for such a brilliant and insightful workshop!” Sophy Moyes, Senior Marketing Manager, FT Live Partner Events

This case study demonstrates the positive impact Sharp Thinking can have on corporate marketing teams by undertaking an operations review and implementing some simple new processes.

Contact us today and let's elevate your marketing game together and read our 5 star Google reviews to see what it's like working with Sharp Thinking.

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