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5 ways to promote your business over the summer

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

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How to keep your business on track

A simple seasonal makeover is an effective way to keep your customers engaged throughout the year. And, it doesn't need to cost much.

Here are 5 simple tips to refresh your marketing this summer:

1. Sponsor an event

Have you tried sponsorship? Well if not this could be the perfect time. Always do your research to ensure there is a good target audience fit and research sponsorship packages available. You can always try to negotiate on these, quite often media packs are developed with full rate cards and publishers are open to discounts.

2. Create a summer blog post

Devise summer blog posts providing relevant and timely tips. For example, if you are a photographer, you could do a feature on ‘how to get the perfect shot on holiday’. If you are a personal trainer, offer some tips on how to work out on holiday or continue exercising with the kids at home. This gives you a different angle to talk about.

Starfish and shells on beach with sea in background

3. Invest in outdoor events

Warm weather means outdoor events. This doesn’t have to apply to just those that have a retail store. Look at how you can participate in things like summer fetes or festivals. Pop-up events are a great idea this time of year, especially in places where people will be in the mood for your products. Ensure you then remember to promote via your social media channels.

4. Refresh your imagery

Think about the time of year and update your website with more relevant imagery that has a summer feel. Think sunny beach shots, flowers, blue skies and being outdoors. This doesn’t have to cost you any money. You can use free photo libraries like Pexels who have thousands of high quality images available. You can also update your business head shots and feature you outdoors to create more of a summer vibe.

Happy woman with bubbles in sunflower field

5. Host a summer party

Summer means warm weather, outdoor events and summer drinks parties. So why not throw an event to get your customers together? It doesn’t have to be an expensive or formal affair. You could get partners involved or invite an inspirational guest/speaker along.

Three summery drinks on an wooden table

We hope this has given you some quick and easy ways to rejuvenate your marketing over the months ahead. There are so many ways you can leverage the summer period and make it work for your business. Need some further inspiration? Read 5 free tips to refresh your website and what are the different ways to promote your business in print media.

Need some further help with your marketing? Would you benefit from a free 30 minute consultation? Then please get in contact.

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