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What is copywriting?

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

The craft of copywriting

In my guest showcase this week, I talk to Nicola Withers, owner of Nicola Withers Editorial Services. Nicola launched her copywriting business 18 months ago. Read on to find out what copywriting is all about and the value it can add.

Describe your business?

I provide a range of editorial services; copywriting, blog writing, web copy, proofreading, presentation preparation, online dating profiles – anything that requires words writing or checking (though I draw the line at shopping lists, including my own).

Who is your target audience?

SMEs and sole traders who haven’t got enough time but don’t want the overhead of a member of staff.

How do you juggle running your own business, doing the actual work and doing your own marketing?

I have to run – and stick to - a very structured diary. Block out time for working on my business – networking, following up leads, social media, blog writing – and time for working for my business – the actual work I am commissioned to do for other people.

What is copywriting all about?

Copywriting is about using the most appropriate words to convey a message to an audience. Getting the important details across without getting caught up in the minutiae and using language that will give anyone access to your brand, story, product.

Why is copywriting important?

It’s important because there we are all bombarded every day by many different types of media and as business owners, we need our messages to cut through the other noise. Copywriting is the written version of a visual shop window – telling a story through words instead of pictures, but allowing that image to be conjured up for the reader.

What made you get into it?

I’ve always loved words: reading, writing, correcting, researching and I wanted to settle on something I could do professionally that would make me happy and therefore fulfilled. And I love meeting people and hearing their stories, getting to know them and their product or brand, so to be able to turn this into words for them is a pleasure.

Why should a business use a professional copywriter?

Copywriters bring objectivity. It’s so very hard to take a step back from your own business or product and pin down exactly what you want to say. A copywriter can home in on what you want and relay it succinctly in your voice.

What value can a copywriter add?

A copywriter can also act as a sounding board for your ideas and potential consumer of your product.

What are your top tips when someone is developing their own copy?

Try to find that objectivity; don’t get het up about a title or opening sentence, that may well come later; be prepared to revisit and rewrite; get an impartial third party to look at it for you; check, check and check again – don’t rely on spell check!

For more tips on marketing your business, visit my blog the Sharp end.

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