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Celebrating five years supporting the community

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Sharp Thinking Marketing marks five years since its launch

Five years ago, I set out with a clear mission: to make marketing planning more accessible and achievable for local small businesses. By elevating their strategies and giving them the tools they need to allocate resources strategically, I’ve been able to help 30 companies grow.

Half a decade of accomplishments

Today I’m celebrating with a glass of bubbly and cake and all that has been accomplished. It's easy to forget and get engrossed in the day-to-day. Looking back, I'm delighted to say I've helped 30 clients develop their marketing strategy. This includes Tunbridge Wells based Calverley and Iaysha Art Studio, leading three company rebrands including nearly 200-year-old family business Simmonds and 50-year-old family business Kewell Converters and launching two new brands, and scaling five businesses.

The roller coaster

As many of you will know, as a small business owner, it isn't easy running your own business. It is a roller coaster of a ride experiencing extreme highs and lows. I could certainly write an essay, and particularly as a women in business, I've felt vulnerable and exploited on numerous occasions, particularly during the early stages. It isn't something I talk about, but it was a massive learning curve. I don't regret anything and believe that everything happens for a reason. Sharp Thinking has been my best career move without a doubt and every accomplishment genuinely means so much. I always knew being a marketing consultant would be highly rewarding particularly due to my background both client and agency side.

A skilled team

Using a highly skilled and experienced team of freelancers (the majority of which

I've known for one to two decades), I’ve been able to offer a range of services tailored to small businesses including marketing reviews, marketing, and sales strategy and marketing planning workshops.


I want to express my sincere gratitude to my clients for their support over the years. We’re exceptionally proud of what we’ve achieved together, particularly through the pandemic.

In 2021 the business was recognised for its achievements by winning best marketing organisation at The Local Awards and last year was a finalist for best micro business at two national awards including the British Business Awards. These were major accomplishments for me and meant so much.

Receiving 25 five-star reviews

I'm proud of the 25 five-star reviews Sharp Thinking has generated from clients, some of which have said:

"Nat Sharp is a consummate marketing consultant. If you're looking for clarity and strategic direction to inform how you spend your marketing budget, hire her. You won't regret it."

Susan Room, The Business Voice Coach

You have opened our eyes as to how we should approach business - and the financial benefits of that will go on for years."

Simon Smith, Simmonds & Sons Ltd

" I was over the moon to receive the final strategy. The outcome has led to me feeling fully grounded and focused with a legitimate business plan which is so helpful for me and the business."

Iaysha Salih, Iaysha Art Studio

Supporting the community

I like to think I’ve made a difference and made local organisations in need stronger, having provided hundreds of hours of marketing support and fundraised for eight charities over the years.

But it doesn't end there; Sharp Thinking is committed to making the business as sustainable as possible. By signing up with the SME Climate Hub and pledging to halve carbon emissions by 2030, I want to make sure this success continues and in a sustainable way well into the future.

Here's looking to the future. You can also read my year in review and what happened at the National Business Women's Awards.

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