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Celebrating International Women's Day

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Happy International Women's Day, 8th March

5 women that have been my inspiration to grow Sharp Thinking

We keep talking about this crazy crazy year it has been.

And for so many of us, it has been an emotional rollercoaster all for different reasons.

This year has been much easier for me knowing I have an incredibly solid network of ladies that have my back. That I can consult with, download to, learn and grow from.

Having a strong network is so important especially when you own a business. You need to have people to confide in, allies to support you and reassure you that you're capable of achieving anything you want to when you set your mind to it.

Going back to the beginning

I took a career break for 5 years after having my children. It was never part of my original plan, it just happened after moving to a new town, my husband commuting and working long hours which meant I ended up staying at home and looking after the children. I always knew I wanted more. Being a mum was wonderful, but I loved my job and had worked so hard to get to where I was. I missed it.

I started getting advice from my friends and colleagues that had also set up a business. They gave me the courage and strength to do it.

My network

What I realise is the support network I've depended on over the last few years are strong successful ladies. We share the same values, the same ethos and have mutual respect for each other.

Here are 5 women that have been my inspiration to set up and grow Sharp Thinking:

Jess Morgan

Founder of PR and communication agency Carnsight Communications. Jess is strong, driven, determined, thoughtful, resilient, and a brilliant ally. Jess never settles for second best and will always deliver and generate results.

Jess and her brilliant team have worked with Sharp Thinking from inception having implemented and secured PR for Simmonds, Birchwood and Inno Construction to name a few.

Emma Jefferys

One of the most multi-talented people I’ve ever met. Emma is the Founder of coaching business Action Woman and is an accredited life coach. Originally a colleague and now a life long friend, she is courageous, incredibly intuitive, adaptable and a quick learner.

Emma has had countless articles published in The Guardian, The Independent, The Sun and The Mirror.

As an ex Planning Director, Emma has helped me facilitate workshops with my clients.

Suzie Shore

A former colleague and now a friend. Suzie is one of the first people I knew that had taken the plunge and set up her own business over a decade ago ‘Juicy Info’.

Since then Suzie has launched Suzie Healthy Living retraining as a nutrition and lifestyle coach. Suzie is kind, well-considered, thorough, analytical and incredibility passionate about what she does.

I’ve been through one of Suzie's kick start programmes. Her knowledge is outstanding and every aspect of her programme is so well thought through and beautifully executed from the welcome letters to the free resources available.

Kate Bloomfield

A friend and freelancer who has worked with Sharp Thinking from the very beginning. Sharp Thinking has relied heavily on trusted and highly experienced freelancers and Kate has supported Sharp Thinking with every aspect from marketing reviews and marketing strategy, to launch campaigns and creation of collateral.

Kate has recently started retraining to be a primary school teacher and I will miss working with her deeply. She has helped me through thick and thin over the last 3 years and seen me through the good and hard times, always able to shine a light and deliver the goods.

Nine Mace

Founder of Nina Mace Photography. A school friend and dance partner but has also given me invaluable business advice along the way.

resourceful, energetic with a real can-do attitude, courageous and creative are all words that spring to mind when someone mentions Nina Mace.

Nina is now an award-winning family photographer and trainer with work published in Vogue and has been named Top Children’s Photographer of the Year by the Guild of Professional Photographers.

And to close

A special thanks to all these wonderful ladies.

Who do you have in your support network and who inspires you?

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