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How to map your customer journey

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Ensuring your business is on the right path

Mapping out your customer journey is an extremely useful exercise. It will help you:

- identity any gaps in your business

- develop processes across the business

- develop messaging which resonates

Here are 5 steps to map your customer journey from Think with Google.

1. Find the sweet spot where your goals align

Before you start, nail your business goals. Any marketing should be focused on helping your brand reach these goals.

2. Identify the communication touch points

When do you traditionally communicate or engage with customers? Make a list of these moments and group them based on when they happen during the journey: pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase.

Now find communication touch points you may have missed. Track interactions between your brand and your customers happen just before and after each of the pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase stages.

3. Recognise pain points and moments of delight

How might your customers feel at the pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase stages as they attempt to achieve their goals.

Find the moments where your customers might have negative experiences. Can you improve the situation and tweak your communication?

4. Experience the customer journey yourself

Imagining how your customers might feel during their journey is valuable, but actually experiencing it for yourself can uncover much needed insights.

If your business is run online, test it yourself. Similarly, if you have a store, go into a location that sells your product. Afterwards, ask yourself about the main communication touch points you encountered. Did they work well? Did they help you complete your journey? What was missing?

And don’t forget to sample the competition and go through the same exercise.

5. Visualise your customer journey map

Go beyond writing down your customer journey and actually create a visual map of them. Jot down your touch points on post it notes, then pin them in order to a wall. By doing this, you’re taking a bird’s eye view of the entire customer journey. You can organise your thoughts and brainstorm new ideas.

Will your journey ever be complete?

Remember that as your business grows, so does your customer journey. You should review your customer journey at least twice a year to ensure there are no gaps and you have the right processes and communication in place.

Don't be afraid to get external input and hire mystery shoppers or friendly colleagues to road test you business and see report back on their customer experience.

For help on developing your customer journey, then please contact me for a 30 minute consultation.

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