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Time saving marketing apps for small businesses in 2023

Updated: Jan 12


10 of the best apps to help with marketing your small business and save you time

There are so many apps available to make marketing planning and implementation easier. I use all of these tools to run my marketing consultancy and have previously talked about some of these in Print Week.

Not only will many of them save you hours, but they have the added benefit of improving your marketing and communication, projecting a stronger brand image and give you greater control so you can see how you're performing.

Most have free entry level versions so if you're working within a tight budget, it still allows you to trial the apps and see which ones can help to transform your marketing and make you and your team ultra efficient.

Here are my top ten:

This works like a spell checker across your computer. Brilliant for checking all your blogs, customer emails and even your website. I use the free version and find it invaluable. Never send out a spelling mistake again.

A smart app allowing you to identify keywords and understand how many people are searching each month for various words and phrases - an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. In addition you can find out how you and your competitors rank for these keywords. A must for anyone that is responsible for managing their company website and content. Note the free version is limited to a small number of searches.

A replacement for all those post-it notes strewn about the place, easily misplaced or forgotten. This virtual pinboard allows you to manage projects or to-do lists and works on the Kanban principles of project management. Complex enough to support large projects yet simple enough to help for the day-to-day management of tasks and plans.

4. Pocket

Do you ever come across news articles and think I will read this another time and forget about it? Pocket is the perfect solution. This mobile friendly app allows you to save videos, social media posts, and articles for you to browse later. Handy for collating content you can later share on social media.

Ever get stuck with blog topic ideas? AnswerThePublic can become your new reliable content assistant. This search listening tool provides phrases and keywords people are searching for online ensuring you create content that addresses your customers pain points. The free version allows you to conduct three searches a day so should be adequate for most small businesses.

A free tool to compress images at the click of a button to ensure they are optimised for your website. Images are often one of the main factors impacting the speed of your website and vitally your technical SEO so it is essential they are the right size.

I use the free version. This app provides a simple way to create bespoke URLs you can use for marketing campaigns. Not only can you create memorable and short URLs, but you can measure the success of the campaign and see the number of people that have clicked on a URL. Short and memorable links are proven to increase click through rates so I highly advise using them.

8. Jasper

Make it fast and easy to create content with this sophisticated AI copywriting assistant. Jasper can be used to create all your content needs from blogs and social media posts, to email campaigns and website copy and it can do so up to ten times quicker than humans. If that isn't enough to impress you, all your content can be fully optimised too to help with your search rankings thanks to it's brilliant SEO Surfer function. You can sign up for a free trial.

A practical app allowing you to monitor your SEO position. I use this to check where I’m appearing on Google for particular keywords. I must admit this is an addictive one for me, and I check my position most days whilst I’m having lunch! Like many of these apps, check to see if the free version is sufficient for you allowing you to monitor up to five keywords.

Not only great for Instagram posts but also ideal for incorporating all your work and best pictures into a visual montage. Ideal for showcasing case studies and your most popular posts and blogs.

Hand holding a smartphone

Keep on top of marketing for your small business

There has been no better time to get yourself organised and keep on top of your marketing too. These apps will allow you to more efficiently plan and execute your marketing whilst giving you complete transparency and control. Many will improve the quality of your work too. So why not try a few today and see how much time you could save.

Discover more tips on measuring your marketing, which social media platform to use for your business and 5 ways you can be found on Google.

If you think you would like some help with your marketing , I offer a 30 minute consultation to business owners. Please drop me a line and I'll see if if I can help.

Or glance through my client case studies.

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