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10 of the best marketing apps for small businesses

Handy apps to help save time, run your business and improve your marketing

There are so many apps available to make planning and marketing easier. I use all of these tools to run my business. Not only will many of them save your hours, but they will also improve your marketing and communication, project a stronger brand image and give your greater control so you can see how you're performing.

Here are just a few free apps which are all very popular with so many businesses:

1. Grammarly

This works like a spell checker across your computer. Brilliant for checking all your documents, emails and even your website. I use the free version and find it invaluable. Never send out a spelling mistake again.

2. We Transfer

We Transfer has now been around for over a decade. It allows you to send large files. It is extremely handy in the creative industry to send artwork, photography, logos etc. I also use it to send large presentations to colleagues and clients. You also have the added bonus of knowing when someone has downloaded the files.

3. Trello

A replacement for all those post-it notes strewn about the place, easily misplaced or forgotten. This virtual pinboard allows you to manage projects or to-do lists and works on the Kanban principles of project management. Complex enough to support large projects yet simple enough to help for the day-to-day management of tasks and plans.

4. Planoly

This planning app allows you to schedule your Instagram posts well into the future and do so from a computer allowing you to save hours each week, instead of typing away on your phone every day. I particularly like the fact that you can see all your posts in a grid, allowing you to view how they all look together. You can also refer back to historical posts. As well as this, you can see at a glance how each post has performed and the most successful posts. You can do a lot with the free version.

5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an easy to use scheduling tool allowing you to push out posts to all other social media platforms. You can schedule up to 30 posts in advance across 3 different platforms with the free version. It has a handy publisher so you can duplicate posts. Make sure you resize images though before to work across each platform. I use Canva to do this as it makes this really easy.

6. Clockify

A super handy app which allows you to track your time. This is ideal if you bill out hours and work across different clients. It also allows you to see how you are spending your time so you can resource plan in the future.

7. Bitly

Again, I use the free version. This app provides a super simple way to create bespoke URLs you can use for marketing campaigns. Not only can you create memorable and short URLs, but you can also measure the success of the campaign and see

the number of people that have clicked on a URL.

8. Google My Business

The app version of Google My Business – absolutely essential for any business owner to optimise your online presence. This makes sending our customer review reminders so simple. It shows you your timeline stats. You can upload photos too.

9. SEO Edge

A really easy to use app allowing you to monitor your search engine optimisation (SEO) position. I use this to check where I’m appearing on Google. I must admit this is an addictive one for me, and I always check my position every day whilst I’m having lunch. Over 50% of my leads are from Google, so it is really important I maintain my position and put strategies in place should my position decline (and it pretty much changes every few days!).

10. Layout

Not only great for Instagram posts but also great for showing all your work and best pictures into a visual montage.

Keep on top of marketing for your small business

There has been no better time to get yourself organised and keep on top of your marketing too. These apps will allow you to more efficiently plan, give you complete transparency and ensure you are in control of your marketing. Many of these ideas will improve the quality of your work too. So why not try a few today and see how much time you could save.

Discover more tips on measuring your marketing, which social media platform to use for your business and 5 ways you can be found on Google.

If you think you would like some help with your marketing , I offer a 30 minute consultation to business owners. Please drop me a line and I'll see if if I can help.

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