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International Women's Day: the small business edition

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Silhouettes of women celebrating

I'm delighted to be featured in Carnsight Communcations International Women's Day: the small business edition appearing alongside some very talented ladies in the world of business.

I first met Jessica Morgan, Founder of Carnsight Communications, 20 years ago when we worked together in a top advertising agency in London. Jessica founded her PR agency 4 years ago and is based in Bristol working with small business owners across the country.

This year, I'm really proud to take part in International Women's Day, having celebrated my 2nd business anniversary after a career break and taking part in my first triathlon in my 40s with 20 other mums from Tunbridge Wells. Here I met some truly special ladies who all came together to push themselves to their limits for charity. 

International Women's Day is about celebrating women's achievements and how strong physically and mentally they can be.  And this gets more pronounced with age. I’ve worked with over a dozen female business owners in the last 12 months, all have had children and taken the bold decision to set up their own business. 

All these women I've worked with over the last 2 years all share the same values – passionate, inspiring and driven.  They are hugely successful multitaskers and continually challenge themselves every day pushing themselves out of their comfort zones.  What’s more they are down to earth and honest genuine people.

It has been an honour to meet and work with all these ladies.  It goes to show anything is possible if you work hard and put your mind to it.  Great things can be achieved when women get together.

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