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Updated: Oct 16, 2021

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Can marketing planning seem like a luxury?

As a small business owner, I can appreciate that resources are tight and a marketing makeover may seem like something you can't afford. Marketing planning can sometimes seem like a luxury that only big businesses can afford to invest in.

However, a marketing strategy and clear plan can bring so many benefits and it is as relevant to small businesses as larger organisations. A marketing strategy can help you:-

  • define business goals

  • prioritise your target audience

  • put targets in place

  • allocate budgets

  • resource plan

  • ensure you have a focused and integrated marketing plan NOT centred around reactive tactics.

Free marketing makeover

To get the chance to see how your marketing is performing, and have an independent review of your marketing and communications, Sharp Thinking is running a spring promotion for UK businesses. For the month of April, Sharp Thinking is offering a free marketing makeover to the first 10 businesses that respond. This will include a free marketing audit, a brief review of your marketing and communications, and a summary of practical recommendations. If you would like to take advantage of this offer please email confirming your name, job title, business email, website and email address. Good luck!

Terms and Conditions

1. Promotion valid from 18th April 2018 - 31st April 2018. 2. The promotion is open to UK businesses only. The marketing makeover will take place via a teleconference at dates set out by Sharp Thinking Marketing during April to June 2018. 3. Sharp Thinking will preset the agenda before the teleconference. 4. The first 10 businesses to respond to the promotion will be given a free session. 5. All businesses who respond will be notified whether they are successful in receiving the free session. 6. To take part in the promotion, businesses need to email Sharp Thinking at the email address given above. 7. Data (email addresses, job title and company name) will only be used for promotion purposes only, will be stored electronically by Sharp Thinking during the promotion duration and will be deleted after the promotion end date. 8. The Promoter is Sharp Thinking Marketing, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

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