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5 reasons to use AI copywriting as a small business owner

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Learn the secrets behind AI copywriting

Are you a small business looking to develop content quickly and effectively? With the latest advances in Artificial intelligence (AI) writing technology, it has never been easier for businesses of all sizes to generate high-quality copy that can be customized according to specific needs.

AI copywriters have become big business and more and more organisations are turning to them as an easy and cost-effective way to craft messages. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the many benefits that AI copywriters offer small businesses like yours.

What is AI copywriting?

AI copywriting is revolutionizing content creation, providing streamlined and efficient ways of producing sophisticated written communication.

Neil Patel provides a succinct description:

"AI copywriters are computer-generated writing that use natural language processing tools."

When starting to use an AI copywriting platform, you begin by declaring the purpose of your project as well as desired parameters such as tone or length; then with just one click you can generate fresh copy that is free from plagiarism thanks to data drawn from diverse online sources.

My experience with AI copywriting

Exploring the potential of AI copywriting tools has been a game-changer for me as a small business owner. Having created 130 blogs and managed content across four social media platforms for over five years, I was looking to free up time while scaling my operations. After hearing how life-changing this technology could be from clients, I decided it was worth investigating further. So I began my journey with trials on different platforms last year.

So here are the key benefits as I see them to small business owners:

1. Speed

AI copywriters give the opportunity to create compelling content in an efficient and time-saving manner - all critical elements needed by entrepreneurs that are multitasking across multiple roles. The time savings can be considerable.

2. Mix up your writing

Your writing techniques will be livened up with creative variations – we can all suffer from our writing becoming stale particularly when we're writing a lot of content on the same topic regularly and an AI platform will give a new lease of life to it.

3. Aid your SEO

Some platforms have built-in SEO tools ensuring your blogs and website copy for example, are fully optimised the first time with the right placement of keywords. This will help with your organic reach ensuring you gain greater exposure on Google.

4. Improve your call to actions

AI tools will grant users access to powerful call-to-action phrases which can be difficult to generate if you're not a trained writer.

5. Enforce structure

The tools tend to follow a specific messaging structure – whether you want to use the AIDA framework or equivalent, it will ensure your copy builds in the right way and has a strong beginning, middle and end.

Your friendly assistant

As AI copywriting tools become more readily available and economically viable, small business owners shouldn't forget that AI copywriting tools are here to assist. They shouldn’t be thought of as a leader or a replacement for humans. There is no question this technology brings greater efficiencies to small businesses that have minimal resources. But, like any technology, you need to know how to use the technology and get the most from it. This takes time and skill.

Strong ideas are still the foundation to create thoughtful pieces of writing and this needs to come from people within the business or trained external professionals. Behind every successful piece of content, there is compelling storytelling and strategic thinking linking to your marketing strategy that puts your customer at the heart of the content.

Don't forget to read our blogs for more helpful planning tips including 7 ways to make your marketing budget go further and time saving apps for small businesses.

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