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10 facts about marketing

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Marketing is so fast-paced these days. New technology and evolving consumer trends, mean it can be a minefield for new businesses to know where to start and what to prioritise.

I’ve put together 10 thoughts on all things marketing to get you up to speed and help with your business decision making.

1. According to research undertaken by Smart Insights in 2015, 45% of companies admitted they didn’t have a clearly defined marketing strategy.

2. Marketing can contribute 3 times more value to business strategy compared with any other organisational function (PA Consulting).

3. Did you know our attention span is shrinking? It is just 8 seconds, 1 second less than a goldfish.

4. Our websites have just 0.05 seconds to make an impression. Not long at all. And don't forget to test the load speed of your website on mobile devices.

5. 90% of snap judgements are based on colour alone. With this in mind, you can’t afford to understand the importance that colours play in your brand and marketing.

6. The average person needs to see an ad 7 times before they act. Messages are more effective when repeated. So be patient and persistent.

7. Did you know that 78% of consumers prefer to get to know a business via articles rather than advertising?

8. Content marketing is less than half the cost of using traditional marketing tactics.

9. Content marketing provides conversion rates 6 times higher than other digital marketing methods.

10. 50% of B2B online queries are made on smartphones. Mobile accelerates decision making with buyers spending an average of 49 days from lead generation to purchase.

Never too late!

It is never too late to develop your marketing strategy – so kick start your marketing planning today. If needed, build a business case which demonstrates the value it will bring and break down each stage of the planning process so everyone can understand what is needed. There are lots of good, free resources and templates available.

For more tips on how to get started with your marketing strategy visit my blog. Or for a free 30-minute consultation then please drop me a line.

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