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5 reasons to develop a customer charter for your small business

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Why developing a customer charter can instil purpose in your staff and convert more business

For any business small or large, putting your customers first will fundamentally be a shared objective and service goal for everyone, no matter what industry you operate in. Simply saying it is one thing, but are you delivering it and providing your customers with the service they deserve?

An ideal way to formalise this service is through a promise in the form of a customer charter. This will ensure you and your staff deliver an outstanding service consistently and members of staff know the standards expected. You can also turn this into assets for your marketing activity.

What is a customer charter?

It’s a written promise documented and can be promoted to your existing and potential customers setting out what you always aim to do and how it benefits your customers. It should reflect inbuilt values and be authentic and genuine to your customers.

Birchwood House's customer charter

Example of a Customer Charter and Point of Sale developed by Sharp Thinking

What are the benefits?

There are several benefits to having a charter for your business:

1. Brings to life your brand values

A few well thought out statement can bring to life your brand values. It is also a useful exercise that forces you to go back to basics and define what you are about.

2. Creates a common standard to instil into your staff

A charter creates a common standard across the business. It helps to remind and motivate your staff to deliver that promise, confirming why they do what they do.

This framework can aid decision making internally, provide guidance for your staff and puts your customer at the heart of everything you do. Have a look at these charters developed by The Consumer Council and the CMI.

3. Helps strengthen the delivery of your product or service

With every staff member working by the principles of your charter, your customer service should excel.

4. Builds trust and transparency with your target audience

Your charter can demonstrate your commitment of the quality of service you provide. Being able to make promises you can keep and communicating them will build trust and shows transparency as a business owner.

We have clients in the construction sector where trust can be a key barrier and a customer charter can help to overcome some of these obstacles and hurdles with the customer. I like this charter from the utilities sector for SSE.

5. Can convert someone's interest into consideration to purchase

Ensure your customer charter is published and promoted at every customer touchpoint. Be proud to share it with customers. Display your charter in prominent locations where customers will see it like your reception and on your website and as staff communication in induction materials and staff rooms. It shouldn't be something which is filed away.

Give it a go and see how much this could help shape your business to be truly customer-centric. It should help to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with your customers and hold yourself to the highest standard that you can possibly deliver.

Discover more tips on customer experience and how to get more customer reviews.

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