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Marketing trends for small business owners to act upon for 2021

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Mega marketing trends for small business owners infographic

Get your business in shape for 2021

What an extraordinary year it has been and who could have predicted the major events of this year. Contingency planning, digital transformation and crisis management are all things we are expected to have on our business agenda and have plans in place, but as small businesses, we've really been put through our paces and it has been the ultimate survival test.

Sharp Thinking have developed two handy infographics for small business owners to show the latest trends that have come out of this year and help provide an action plan to guide your marketing planning for next year.

Download the infographic for marketing trends for small business owners.

Download PDF • 285KB

Or if you operate in the business to business sector, download this tailored infographic for everything you need to know as small business.

Download PDF • 454KB

If you want to find out more, read the full article on how to get your marketing ready for 2021.

Read how Sharp Thinking have helped transform the marketing of clients businesses during the pandemic including a care provider and a 180 year old family retail business.

If you feel you need a marketing review of your business or you are launching a new business and would like some help, then please get in contact.

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