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Sharp Thinking is Two!

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Woo hoo we're two. Thanks to everyone for all their support to get us here.

Marketing consultancy turns two years

I can’t believe it.  It has been a whole 730 days since I set up Sharp Thinking.

My dream started nearly three years ago. I was determined to go back to work after having children and pursue my passion of marketing. I thought I was well placed to work with small businesses in Kent and Sussex, using my expertise gained in London working for advertising agencies, and later serving the corporate world.

6 months on from having that dream, I set up Sharp Thinking. I was determined to make it work and carve a niche for myself locally. My business would be based around providing insightful, but practical brand and marketing strategy. And where possible, I wanted to avoid marketing jargon and long winded processes and provide a useful and timely cost effective service for small business owners.

No looking back

And that is what has happened! No looking back for me.  It was the right thing to do and I absolutely love it.

Don’t get me wrong, it can have its downsides. The inability to switch off, take proper breaks and plan ahead to name a few. As you know if you run your own business, you're continually having to multi task and wear different hats, looking at things from a financial and operational perspective, as well as doing the sales and marketing.

And it has been trial and error on the way. But I’ve learnt a tremendous amount and undoubtedly come out stronger as a result.

Key achievements

I can’t believe how the business has grown in the last 2 years. 

In that time I’ve…

· Created 65 blogs

· Worked with 14 clients

· Worked with 2 charities on a voluntary basis providing marketing and business support, not to forget completed a triathlon helping to raise over £50k

· Had 5 business articles published

· Designed the stand for a client for the biggest marketing trade show in Europe

· Helped my client win an award for best marketing campaign

· Generated over 700 social media posts and over 1k Tweets

· Had nearly 3k visitors to my website

· Launched small business marketing packages

· Created Sharp HQ, my glorious office sanctuary

· Relaunched my website and created a new newsletter

And I have 4 clients on board for this new decade. I feel incredibly lucky and have met so many wonderful people.  I can’t wait to get stuck into this year. It is a true pleasure to start work every day.

My advice to anyone that wants to set up their own business.  If you are not afraid of hard work, commitment and constantly being pushed out of your comfort zone, then absolutely do it.  The achievements feel phenomenal, when they are your own and you feel on top of the world. And of course being your own boss has its benefits!

Nat Sharp at her computer

Have a browse of my blog for tips on marketing strategy, business planing, social media and search engine optimisation.

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