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Sharp Thinking Marketing wins award for best marketing and PR organisation

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Winner, Class of '21, The Local Business Awards

Ending our third year on a high with a national award

Sharp Thinking Marketing has won a national award! I’m delighted to receive an award for best marketing and PR business at this year’s Local Business Awards.

Sharp Thinking was one of 28 winners across the country. This award is special as not only is it my first award for best marketing business, but the Local Business Awards has such a strong fit with my own business and the premise it was founded.

As so many of us know, owning and running a business takes a high level of commitment and hard work. Awards are a true celebration of what you've achieved as a business owner. This award comes at a key milestone as Sharp Thinking has just ended its third financial year, and doubled its turnover. All whilst operating and supporting clients during the pandemic and homeschooling for a third of it too.

The last 18 months have been hard for all of us, all for different reasons, but we hope that we're coming out of this difficult period and our economy is slowing bouncing back.

Celebrating the best of local

The Local Business Awards is a social enterprise on a mission to celebrate the best local, ethical, and sustainable businesses in the UK. An independent organisation, the team believes that celebrating local businesses on a national level can inspire a local business revolution, encouraging people to support local. They strive to give people the confidence to follow their dreams and start a local business.

James Murphy, the founder of the Local Business Awards, added:

“Kent-based Sharp Thinking Marketing is exactly the type of business we had in mind when creating the Local Business Awards. A great local business that works with other great local businesses. Nat Sharp delivers life-changing projects and still finds time to give back to her local community.”

The backbone of our economy

As so many of us know, small businesses are the backbone of our economy, driving growth, innovation, and creating thousands of jobs. At the start of 2020, there were 5.94 million small businesses. SMEs make up 99.9% of UK private sector businesses, providing 61% or employment and 52% of turnover.

It is said that 63p of every £1 spent at small or medium-sized businesses stays in the local economy, compared with just 40p at large businesses. This demonstrates the huge importance that we all play.

What can you do to support local businesses?

· Write a review

· Like, follow, and comment positively on their social media posts

· Shop local - visit your local high street and purchase from local businesses

· Attend a local event

· Spread the word!

These may sound like small things, but they all add up. Remember as a small business yourself, how much it means to receive a glowing review or put on a sell out event.

A special thanks

Sharp Thinking would like to thank everyone that has supported the business in the last few years – clients, old and new, business associates old and new, and all of you that continue to follow Sharp Thinking. I couldn't have done it with you. What an incredible and rewarding three years it has been on a personal and professional level.

I would like to thank Index Digital, Times of Tunbridge Wells and Town Crier too for their support.

The future is looking promising as businesses get back to normal and I'm really excited for the months ahead.

Don't forget to follow Sharp Thinking on Linked In, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for tips on all things marketing.

Sharp Thinking's Local Business Awards press coverage

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