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Create an audience persona for your business

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

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Do you really know your customer?

We all think we do, but if we think about it, we probably have not thought about who our customers really are, what they like, what they don't like and what their needs, motivations and day to day challenges are.

This template will help you create audience personas of your customers. Before you begin, you’ll need to define the type of customer you’re profiling. Is it a new type of customer you want to attract or your most loyal customer? You may want to create more than one profile if you have different types of customer.

Part 1: Demographics (this may be less relevant for B2B, so fastrack to Part 2)

1. What is the typical age range of this customer?

2. What is their gender?

3. What is their occupation?

4. Where do they live?

5. What is their marital status?

6. Do they have children and if so, how may and how old are they?

7. Do they have pets?

8. Are they house owners?

9. Do they drive? Do they own a car?

10. Where do they shop? Where do they like to hang out? Think about a typical day in the life of them?

11. In the space below, add any more relevant demographic detail that may be relevant to your brand.

Part 2: Psychographics

Psychographics involve the mental characteristics of your customers: Their goals, beliefs, motivations and anxieties.

1. What are their hobbies/interests?

2. What are their favourite TV shows? What is their favourite film, book and type of music.

3. What websites do they regularly look at?

4. What problem are they solving by using your product/service?

5. What are the concerns or anxieties the customer may have about your business?

6. What are some of the potential turn-offs that would make the customer not return to your business? What smaller incidents may be off putting to this customer?

7. What would make this customer recommend your business to a friend? On the flipside, what are some of the elements that would make the customer especially excited about your business?

8. How much are they willing to spend on your product? Also consider: How frequently do they purchase? Do they purchase for only themselves, or other people as well? Would they be willing to purchase more frequently if there were lower-priced options?

9. List any more other relevant details i.e. What is their physical style & fashion? What are they planning for the future (Hoping to start a family? Retire soon? Travel?

Part 3: Creating a buyer profile

Now bring all this information together to create a buyer profile or persona. You may have several of these dependent on your products and services. Add a picture to help.

Profile/Persona Name:

All personas need a name that encourages you to think of this profile as a person you could know.






Pain points:


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