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Guiding an artist from the high street to a global online gallery

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

The challenge:

When a prospective client got in touch with Sharp Thinking, they wanted expert marketing advice to launch their limited edition prints and create a marketing strategy with the vision of being recognised for their art and have a sell-out edition. Their unique proposition focused on creating works of art that support wellbeing, inspire and awaken the soul.

The Kent based business wanted a focused plan highlighting key priorities as well as a content plan to help social media planning and ultimately grow their following. The business was based around a high street gallery in Tunbridge Wells but wanted to pivot and become a global e-commerce business whilst remaining true to themself and their artistic values.

The approach: Developing a commercially sound business plan

With so much opportunity to take the business in a new direction, it was vital for Sharp Thinking to follow the key principles of performing a diagnosis of the business, forming a strategy and directing the right marketing execution with a limited budget and resources.

Going from a local business to an online operation is a complex project and involves so much more than marketing, so Sharp Thinking will always give general business advice and coaching beyond marketing execution. Sales forecasting and cost analysis is a vital part to ensure the business will make a healthy return on investment. Sharp Thinking used market research to formulate insights and understand customer and market trends which have changed so much since the pandemic.

The outcome:

Sharp Thinking delivered a long term marketing strategy and plan to provide focus and direction and ensure commercial success. In addition, support was given via:

· A 12 month structured content plan

This would bring consistency and integration across all marketing enabling everything to work together. Plus, it would allow the business to leverage strategic opportunities including international events and holidays which would resonate with the target audience and be important in the world of art. Essential to build momentum and scale the business, the content plan would provide structure and continuity ensuring the optimum mix of content to generate the best results.

· A calendar of promotions to stimulate sales

Promotions can play a vital role to the business. However, it is important to use them wisely and ensure they are packaged in a creative way and not not devaluing your brand. Sharp Thinking created a suite of promotions to tie into the retail calendar, that leveraged the brand ethos and would create further interest.

· A website brief and selecting the right marketing partners

Preparing briefs and supplier selection are time consuming and daunting. Sharp Thinking prepared the website brief as part of the project along with recommending the right suppliers to partner with from copywriters and website and SEO specialists.

· A more coherent brand strategy

Ensuring there was a cohesive look and feel across all the marketing communication would set the business up for future success. n Following a mini brand audit, practical and cost effective recommendations were made to existing marketing to bring it all in line. This included some subtle changes to the monthly newsletter. Consistency is so important to build a successful brand and even more important when you scale the business and operate in multiple channels. A few simple changes can make a big difference in terms of impact and response.

· A series of checklists

Practical checklists were provided to be used by the business owner every day. These included e-newsletters, blog checklists and social media tips, all designed to improve response rates and create a strong consistent brand.

Throughout the project, Sharp Thinking coached and mentored the client providing guidance in key areas including digital marketing, advertising and brand management. In essence, Sharp Thinking have set out the approach the business should adopt for marketing for the next five years. We can't wait to watch how this business grows over the next 12 months and will report back with the results and update this case study.

Do you need a marketing review of your business or feel your business would benefit from a focused plan for the year? Then please do get in touch or discover more more Sharp Thinking case studies

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