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Creating a marketing plan for a construction business

Updated: Nov 13

Constructing a new strategic marketing plan

At the start of this year, Sharp Thinking were given the task of creating a new marketing strategy for a construction business to move from the commercial to residential market.

Sharp Thinking set about researching and building a plan to focus on increasing brand awareness, raising their profile and later in the year securing new leads.

The Approach: Building from the foundations up

We began by working with the managing director on a number of exercises to understand their business and how they sat and competed in the market. A detailed SWOT analysis kicked things off, highlighting the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats surrounding the company, along with a detailed review of their customer and stakeholder testimonials and their competitors. This provided unique insights in which to create a new brand positioning to resonate with the consumer market and how they could differentiate from the competition.

In parallel, much emphasis was placed on what would be their ‘ideal customer’ to really define their target audience and construct a robust targeting strategy. This was done by creating customer personas. Putting themselves in the mindset of their audience allowed them to understand what made them tick and what was important. This was fundamental and allowed the creation of messaging relating to them, not just about what the firm could literally offer.

With further strategic elements of the plan completed, including documenting the customer journey, developing a new charter to put the customer first, the construction business were all set to execute the plan and achieve their goals.

The Result: Making the home of your dreams a reality

With a defined plan, the construction business were able to know who they were targeting, what they needed to create as assets and when and where to communicate to build new business.

A plan built with knowledge and a new sense of direction

With their plan fully structured and with Sharp Thinking devising a marketing budget to show how to invest their marketing budget with the desired spend in each area, they were safe in the knowledge their budget would be targeting the market correctly and in the right order.

Talking to the market with emotion

Most decisions, especially when investing a lot of time and money in your own home, are made with high amounts of emotion. By creating their new positioning and strapline of helping make your dreams a reality, the firm were focusing on the potential customers vision and goal.

Building their brand reputation

PR was used to build the profile of the owner of the business with opinion and commentary on construction trends and new legislation which achieved good traction on TV and online media.

Maximising their web presence to drive search ranking and online enquiries

A new optimised website was recommended taking advantage of how Google and potential customers searched for construction support. Search engine optimisation (SEO) friendly copy and new blog content would allow the business to be more relevant to appear quicker to potential customers.

Building a social media presence with the customer front and centre

With a detailed content plan, the company were able to focus and engage the market with free opinion and advice blogs to help anyone embarking on a construction journey themselves.

"Nat has done a fantastic job with our marketing, and is continuing to work with us. We have seen great response to the methods that have been designed and she has consistently supported our businesses across all platforms going above and beyond what we expected from her. Could not be happier, many thanks. " Tobias Barfoot, Inno Construction

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